Notebird in a Nutshell

Powerful features. One simple tool.

This app packs a punch, but it’s not overwhelming. We’ve designed Notebird to be simple and easy to use for everyone on your team—yes, even that one person who still doesn’t know who Siri is.

Each one of our features is thoughtfully designed and is maximized for ease-of-use PLUS functionality.

Activity Feed

See updates and touch points in real time. Quickly see details from interactions taking place between your team and your congregants.

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Care Reports

Pulling together a pastoral care report without Notebird is extremely time consuming. With Notebird you can run a report in seconds.

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Milestones Feed

Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, Passing of Loved Ones and other custom milestones show up in a rolling feed.

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Advanced Search

Can't quite remember who started their new job this week? Use the powerful search feature to find the information you need... instantly.

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Care Updates

Track the interactions that matter to you the most. Easily track the number of coffee meetings, counseling sessions or any other touch point.

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Assign tasks to yourself or someone else on your team so your people don’t fall through the cracks.

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Easily list people, store updates and give permission to users with our all-in-one groups feature.

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Early Bird Reports

Bringing relevant care information to the top of your inbox—the care snapshot you didn’t know you needed.

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Access Notebird on your mobile phone or tablet. Quickly add updates and see relevant care information when you are away from the office.

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