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  • Track Conversations
  • Organize Life Details
  • Assign Follow-Ups

Video: Notebird for Student Ministry

In this video, Taylor Doe, co-founder of Notebird, records from a Ford Explorer to share the creation of Notebird—a tool designed to help ministries manage their interactions with students. Originally struggling with inefficient note-taking methods, Taylor developed Notebird to help leaders track important events and communications, ensuring students feel cared for. The video will give you a look at how the app works, its features, and its benefits for student pastors and their teams. Learn more about Notebird and how it can support your ministry’s efforts to connect with students.

Video Transcript

Students feel cared for when you remember the details in their lives.

Video: Notebird Student Ministry Overview

This short video provides a comprehensive overview of Notebird, a relationship management software designed for student pastors and small group leaders. It demonstrates how the software helps to track and organize interactions, tasks, and life milestones of students to enhance pastoral care. The video also showcases Notebird's features including custom groupings, detailed student profiles, and a centralized activity feed, ensuring leaders can effectively follow up and maintain engagement with their students. Discover how Notebird integrates all these elements into one platform, making it easier to manage and report on ministry interactions.

2-Minute Overview

Keeping students from falling through the cracks.
Your small group leaders are already busy and don't have time to learn a complicated new tool. Our easy-to-use interface makes Notebird inviting and accessible for even your least tech-savvy team member.

Care Updates

Updates allow you and your small group leaders to store notes about interactions and conversations had with students. Discipleship doesn’t just happen on Wednesday nights – updates store the valuable moments where trust is built. The Update Reports feature allow you to see these relational touch points like never before.

Consistency says "I care about you"

The Pulse is a visual indicator letting leaders know that they need to check in with a student. You define the timeframe and leaders see a red indicator next to a students name if they haven’t checked in with them in the timeframe you set.

Exclusive Deal for Student Ministries

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Whether you celebrate in big ways or quiet ways, birthdays are great way to make a student feel seen. Birthdays show up in the milestones feed as well as leaders receive a notification via your Early Bird Report. Want to record other big life events? You can easily customize different milestones to meet your ministry needs.

And we'll import your existing students list into Notebird for free!

We will help get your students from a spreadsheet into Notebird – we can even import them directly into their small groups. Click here to download a free template or you can send us your existing list.

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