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The flexibility you need to organize pastoral care.

List people, store updates and give permission to users with Notebird Groups.

Video: Notebird Groups

At their core, Notebird Groups simplify categorization by effortlessly organizing your people. Grouping individuals based on criteria like hospitalization or being homebound becomes intuitive and accessible. Groups store and organize your updates, ensuring crucial information is readily available when you need it most. Discover how groups empower administrators and members by granting access to specific information. You can control who sees what pastoral care information which enhances security and communication within your team. Easily customize group names to match your ministry or organization's specific focus. Witness the flexibility this offers, aligning your care management with your unique structure. Unlock the potential of Notebird Groups today and elevate your pastoral care to new heights.

Video Transcript

Powerful & Flexible

Groups give you ultimate control.

  • Groups allow you to see a list of people. Quickly see all those who are homebound, in long-term care, etc.
  • Groups store updates. When you make a hospital visit store the conversation notes in the Hospitalization group.
  • Groups provide privacy. Give team members access only to groups they need to see.

We had a few care volunteers who made home visits. With Groups we were able to give those volunteers limited access to Notebird by assigning them to the Homebound group.

Marcus O.
Lighthouse Apostolic Church

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