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Video: Real-Time Activity Feed

Get your team's communication and efficiency up to speed with the live Activity Feed feature in Notebird! Stop sifting through spreadsheets and struggling to track interactions - this tutorial unveils a game-changing solution that changes the way you manage and stay apprised of your team's pastoral care interactions with your people. This real-time feed allows you to effortlessly monitor updates, interactions, and touch points made by you and your team members as they happen. No more tangled spreadsheets or misplaced information – the Activity Feed presents a clean, chronological overview of your team's activities, ensuring seamless collaboration and organized communication. For even more powerful insights, filter information based on different permission roles or utilize the intuitive search bar to quickly locate specific updates. Whether you're coordinating home visits, hospital interactions or general care updates, this tool adapts to your team's needs.

Video Transcript

Trying to find the latest interactions within a spreadsheet is nearly impossible.

Keep your team on the same page

You no longer have to worry about making sure everyone is on the same page about the latest care interactions. Other team members will see the update within their feed, the moment it happens.

We’ve spent the better part of decade trying to figure out how to track and organize pastoral care - we hit dead ends at every turn. Notebird is phenomenal! Well done!

Carol Franklin
Columbus, Ohio

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