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Video: Full Notebird Testimonial with Tony Shafer

In this inspiring testimonial, Tony Shafer shares how Notebird revolutionized pastoral care for their organization. Before Notebird, pastoral care was a challenge; the team had to rely on memory and lengthy staff meetings to try and sort out care activities. In his video, Tony Shafer recounts their journey from uncertainty to efficiency, highlighting the remarkable transformation Notebird made in their approach to caring for their congregation. Tony discusses how Notebird allows them to focus on what truly matters - connecting with people, showing love and ensuring everyone feels valued and known. Tony's testimonial provides an excellent example of how Notebird's seamless documentation and intuitive features make pastoral care smoother, more organized and infinitely more impactful.

Video Transcript

Tony Shafer
Discover how Notebird revolutionized pastoral care for Tony Shafer and his team.

Video: Full Notebird Testimonial with Pastor Megan Johnson

In this video, Pastor Megan Johnson explains how she and her congregational care team have used Notebird to provide more consistent, meaningful care to their people. Before implementing Notebird, the challenges were evident; the team zigzagged between spreadsheets and shared documents to track visits, updates, member information and important dates. Pastor Johnson outlines the struggles they faced in maintaining access, categorization and consistency - and how finding Notebird changed everything. She describes her favorite features, including real-time updates that keep her team on the same page and keep people from falling through the cracks; task management that allows for efficient delegation of tasks and ownership of relationships; and a live feed of her team's activity, giving her "a greater sense of peace" knowing no one will fall through the cracks.

Video Transcript

Megan Johnson
In this video, Pastor Megan Johnson describes how she and her team use Notebird to make more meaningful connections with their people.

Video: Full Notebird Testimonial with Justin Johnson

Justin Johnson describes how keeping track of crucial pastoral information with scattered notes, calendars, digital apps and notes on his phone just weren't getting the job done. In this video, Justin shares how finding Notebird transformed his organization's pastoral care journey. No more missed follow-ups, and no more forgetting critical details from important conversations. Notebird's intuitive platform empowers teams to categorize and organize contacts, ensuring no one falls through the cracks. From prayer concerns to ministry meetings, easily record and access essential details, enabling timely actions like sending care packages or handwritten cards.

Video Transcript

Justin Johnson
Before Notebird, Justin Johnson struggled to find the best way to keep track of crucial pastoral information.

I work with organizations of all sizes. Notebird is an effective tool that I recommend to all of my clients. It is an easy-to-use relational software that provides a platform for connection. The structure of Notebird allows you to organize the details about your people, so you can put the relationship first.

Jill Shero
Shero Enterprises Consulting

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