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Video: Notebird On Your Mobile Devices

Discover the convenience of using Notebird across various screen sizes! From desktop computers to laptops, tablets and smartphones, Notebird offers a consistent and user-friendly experience. In this video, we explore how Notebird seamlessly adapts to different devices, ensuring you have easy access to essential information whether you're at your desk or on the move. Witness the effortless transition as we switch from desktop view to mobile view. Notebird's layout remains remarkably similar, with only minor adjustments for optimal functionality. Whether you're checking activity updates, upcoming milestones or people profiles, the intuitive design guarantees a hassle-free interaction. Enjoy a mobile-friendly experience by saving Notebird as a bookmark on your phone's home screen. Stay connected to your valuable care information anytime, anywhere, with the seamless mobile experience offered by Notebird. Experience the future of accessible and efficient pastoral care management.

Video Transcript

Because care doesn’t only happen in your office.

Responsive Web App

Notebird works great in web browsers big and small. We've optimized for mobile, so Notebird works just like you downloaded it from the app store. Once you save Notebird to your home screen, you'll have access to care information everywhere you go. Click here to see mobile app overview.

The design and layout of Notebird is phenomenal. The simplicity is so well thought out. My team loves it!

Eric W.
Director of Technology

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