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Converting your scattered notes into one central place. 🗒️

Track and organize care needs, life updates and conversation notes with Notebird Updates.

Video: Notebird Updates - Feature Overview

Discover the power of Notebird's core feature - Updates! Keep your interactions organized effortlessly with this intuitive tool. Whether it's notes about conversations, phone calls, or check-ins, Updates streamline your pastoral care processes. No more juggling spreadsheets, Google Docs, or scattered text messages. With Notebird, your historical tracking gets a major upgrade. Store conversation details in Updates –saving time and boosting efficiency. Notebird Updates are easy to use. After a conversation, simply add an update to the contact's profile. Jot down notes, crucial details like upcoming events, surgeries, or any pertinent information. Choose an update type and visibility settings, ensuring the right team members see the note. This isn't just about storing data; it's about enhancing collaboration. Easily track care history and interactions chronologically in the activity feed. Stay up-to-date with the real-time Updates feed, showcasing all team-contributed updates. Experience for yourself how Notebird centralizes scattered information into a streamlined, efficient pastoral care hub.

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People feel genuinely cared for when you remember the details in their lives—Updates store those details.

Valuable Care History

Over time you’ll make many updates for a person; these touch points give you greater context as you continue to provide care and support. Updates stored in Notebird never expire, allowing you to build a robust history of care regardless of who comes and goes on your team.

Video: Track Different Touch Points with Custom Update Types

Discover the power of update types and how they track the different types of interactions you have with your people. These update types are designed to encompass different pastoral care and relational categories, ranging from care follow-ups to counseling sessions. For greater flexibility, Notebird allows you to easily customize your dropdown list to ensure you have update types tailored to your needs. The impact of these update types becomes evident as they seamlessly integrate into your activity feed. Not only do they enhance your real-time tracking experience, but they also play a pivotal role in generating comprehensive reports. You'll learn how to effortlessly run updates reports, showcasing a breakdown of interaction types giving your organization valuable pastoral care insights. Customization is at your fingertips, with a simple process to edit or modify the list of update types.

Video Transcript

Custom Update Types

Track the interactions that matter to you the most.
Easily track the number of coffee meetings, counseling sessions or other touch points.

As a pastor, I want to care for my congregation. I struggle to keep all of the names, dates, and needs of my people organized. Notebird allows me to keep track of the needs, anniversaries, etc of my people so I can stay on top of it. Without Notebird, I would feel lost and overwhelmed. This is something I encourage all pastors to have.

Pastor David Edge
Joy Lutheran Church

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