Centralizing Pastoral Care Information

We know the struggle.

Before Notebird, pastoral care was scattered between email 📬, spreadsheets 📋, texts 💬 and our not-so-great memory 🧠.

Video: Centralizing Valuable Pastoral Care Information

In this video, we delve into the crucial concept of centralizing care and its impact on maintaining seamless continuity within your team. Historically, valuable care information often walked out the door when staff or volunteers left, causing a loss of insights and connections. With Notebird, those days are over. Notebird empowers organizations to store and access vital pastoral care interactions, ensuring that no history is lost. Whether it's a departing team member or a new addition, you can effortlessly retrieve comprehensive care records. Dive into individual profiles to glean context and valuable history, even from past team members. Notebird's mission is to centralize care, making it a single hub which is the foundation for building a legacy of care.

Video Transcript

It is devastating when someone from your care team or staff leaves, because all that care information walks out the door with them.

Video: Passing The Pastoral Care Baton with Pastor Michelle Bodle

Pastor Michelle Bodle shares about the importance of thinking about the pastor coming behind you. In this thought-provoking video, we explore the essential strategies for handing off responsibilities and ensuring a smooth transition for future leaders. As caretakers of our communities, it's crucial to consider the well-being and success of those leaders who will follow in our footsteps. Discover the wealth of knowledge that can be passed down, from community insights to specialized lists of individuals who require dedicated attention. We delve into the compassionate approach of maintaining connections with widowed individuals, remembering birthdays, and important anniversaries, ensuring that pastoral care responsibilities are consistently carried forward. Learn how to champion the incoming leaders, offering them the support they need to provide the highest level of pastoral care. With practical wisdom, Pastor Bodle reveals the significance of pairing up newcomers with experienced members to foster meaningful relationships, especially when challenges like dementia or Alzheimer's are present.

Video Transcript

Thinking about those coming behind us.
Pastor Michelle Bodle shares how you can easily hand off the baton as people come and go from the team. This is the foundation for building a legacy of care.

Notebird has been a "game changer" for our ministry! Prior to Notebird, we wrote a weekly synopsis of each congregant our ministry had served and sent it to the ministry team along with assignments for that week. New team members had no long history - and they were quick to point that out. Once we got Notebird, all that changed. Notebird has been part of our ministry for exactly one year and I still hear "Thank heavens we have Notebird!

Liz Taurman
Christ Episcopal Church Covington

Notebird helps you centralize care. Valuable care details are securely stored regardless of who comes and goes from your team.

This is the foundation for building a legacy of care.

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