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Video: Notebird Pastoral Care Software Demo

Notebird is designed to revolutionize pastoral care by managing, tracking, and organizing life details and care needs. Struggling to remember past interactions or find your pastoral care notes? Notebird was designed for just that –tracking the details that matter the most. The platform includes three main features: updates, tasks, and life milestones. Updates store every care interaction, while tasks manage follow-up actions, and life milestones track significant life events. With Notebird, you can add updates for care interactions, assign tasks, and remember life milestones, such as the passing of a loved one. Notebird also offers real-time updates, allowing you and your team to see interactions as they happen. Whether it's storing notes, scheduling follow-ups, or customizing care groups, Notebird puts all the information you need at your fingertips.

Video Transcript

Step 1

Watch the Notebird Demo Video

Share this Notebird demo video with your team or watch it together at your next staff meeting. We show you exactly what Notebird has to offer so you can decide if it is the right fit for you.
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Good morning team,

First, I think we do an amazing job caring for our congregants. Second, just like we try to improve other areas of our ministry, I want to continue to improve how we care for our people. Let's dedicate an hour on [Insert Date] to think through our current pastoral care processes—things we like and things we want to improve.

I found a tool called Notebird which is software helping churches manage and organize pastoral care. I will show you a demo video at our meeting and we can decide if it is something we want to test out as a team.


Step 2

Download the Care Meeting Guide

Here is a free outline for you to use to help guide discussion on your pastoral care processes.
Step 2.5

Have the conversation

Host a specific care meeting or discuss during your upcoming staff meeting.

Step 3

Send this PDF with your meeting follow-up email

From frequently asked questions to screenshots of Notebird, this Sharing Notebird with Your Team PDF provides you the concise overview you need.

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