Relationships matter.

Relationship management software for organizations & companies who care about their people

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Transform your organization

When people feel a sense of belonging they stay longer, are more invested and impact culture in positive ways


Quickly record life details and conversations. Add team members and organize people interactions across the entire organization.

People Pulse

Different colored indicators show the last time you checked-in with someone. Don’t let anyone fall through the cracks again.


Assign people-focused tasks to yourself or team members. Don’t miss another important life moment or follow up again.

On the Go

We’ve packed the power of Notebird’s desktop application into a mobile app so you can access the information you need while you are on the go.



This app revolutionized the way we did pastoral and congregational care.


Notebird keeps information handy and accessible so that I can stay on top of the various concerns that come along as I serve people and community.


As a company, we value innovative strategies that integrate with our technology vision, this app is the innovative strategy that helps us care for our employees.