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Bringing relevant care information to the top of your inbox—the care snapshot you didn’t know you needed.

Video: Understanding the Early Bird Report

Introducing the Early Bird Report. This daily report is a tailored snapshot of your day ahead and includes tasks personalized to your workload, milestones, important dates like birthdays and anniversaries as well as a recap of your team's recent activities. This report shows up in your email inbox every day—and with the flexibility of the Early Bird Report's scheduling options, early birds and night owls alike can customize when this report arrives. The Early Bird Report keeps your people and priorities at the forefront of your mind, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Video Transcript

Put your people top of mind and top of inbox.

Your Inbox, Your Way

You decide exactly what time you receive the Early Bird Report. Get details on the activity that happened yesterday and the milestones and tasks coming up today.

I like using Notebird because it helps me to keep things from falling between the cracks. When I’m talking to someone, for example, who is having a health challenge and who is going to see the doctor, it’s great to be able to note that. I can, then, set up a task that reminds me to check in after the appointment. People are very touched when I follow up on things like that. And it’s all automatic!

Wayne Gillespie
Christ Lutheran Church

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