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Visualize interactions and touch points in an easy to understand format with Notebird’s Care Reports.

Video: Powerful & Easy-to-Run Care Reports

In this video, discover the power of Notebird Care Reports and transform the way you track and share care interactions. Say goodbye to trying to piece together a report by sifting through spreadsheets and scattered email threads. A robust Pastoral Care Report is ready in one click, and exporting this vital information is a breeze. Choose from several report types: People Reports - The People Report enables you to organize people data effortlessly. Updates Report - The Updates Report offers a snapshot of your care interactions over a specified period, complete with a breakdown of update types. Milestones Report - The Milestones Report is a unique tool for viewing important life events. Task Report - The Task Report, empowers you to stay on top of completed and incomplete tasks. Export your data in CSV format, or as a ready-to-go PDF. There are no complicated queries or reporting structures to figure out - Notebird makes pastoral care reports simple.

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Care Reports used to take hours to make. Now they take seconds.

One-click Reporting

Care Reports give leaders valuable insights that have historically been too time consuming and cumbersome to track. Organizations use Care Reports to inform their leaders, encourage volunteers and even forecast for the future.

Video: Understanding the Early Bird Report

Introducing the Early Bird Report. This daily report is a tailored snapshot of your day ahead and includes tasks personalized to your workload, milestones, important dates like birthdays and anniversaries as well as a recap of your team's recent activities. This report shows up in your email inbox every day—and with the flexibility of the Early Bird Report's scheduling options, early birds and night owls alike can customize when this report arrives. The Early Bird Report keeps your people and priorities at the forefront of your mind, ensuring you never miss a beat.

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Early Bird Report

Putting your people top of mind and top of inbox.
Delivering relevant care information directly to your inbox daily.
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As a pastor of over 40 years, and a Certified Pastoral Counselor, this is the best program I have found to record basic pastoral care records. My team likes how easy it is to have detailed statistical data about our ministry. Well done!

Paul W. Simrell
Elpis Christian Church

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