The best way to track and organize pastoral care

Notebird provides one central place for all your touch points, visitation and conversation notes—allowing you to see a history of care for each congregant.

😭 The Problem

Are your people falling through the cracks?

Tracking pastoral care with spreadsheets, group texts, email threads, complicated databases and random sticky notes simply doesn’t work.

Video: The Problem With Spreadsheets

Pastor Megan Johnson shares about her frustration with the infamous pastoral care spreadsheet. People continued to fall through the cracks as she was using tools that didn't work well when it came to organizing interactions. Numbers are for spreadsheets, not people. Notebird helps organizations track and organize the details.

Video Transcript

Megan J.

Spreadsheets are for numbers, not people.
Countless columns and rows make it hard to track care history and see the latest updates. All that complexity causes your team to stop making updates.

Video: The Problem With Tracking Pastoral Care In Meetings

Tony Shafer shares about how pastoral care took up so much time during the weekly staff meetings. Inefficient pastoral care processes can be extremely cumbersome and time consuming. In this video, Tony shares some of the shortcomings of their previous pastoral care processes.

Video Transcript

Tony S.

Care needs get lost in staff meetings.
Staff meetings can quickly turn into a pastoral care ‘share all’ which is necessary when there isn’t a centralized system—but it is extremely time consuming. If you miss the meeting, you miss the valuable care information.

Video: The Problem With Using Your Memory - Notebird Testimonial with Justin Johnson

Justin was looking for a tool to help manage the interactions he was having with his people. In this video, Justin highlights some of the problems he faced with not having the right pastoral care tool. He genuinely wants to care for his people and Notebird is helping him do just that.

Video Transcript

Justin J.

Memory alone is unreliable.
As your congregation grows and your responsibilities multiply it becomes more challenging to remember the details in the lives of your people. It is devastating when a leader leaves and all the pastoral care information is stored in their brains—that valuable care history is gone.

😎 With Notebird

Clergy and their teams are organized, prepared and on the same page with Notebird.

Store conversation notes, assign follow-ups and track life milestones all in one place.

Activity Feed

See updates and touch points in real time. Quickly see details from interactions taking place between your team and your congregants.

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Care Reports

Pulling together a pastoral care report without Notebird is extremely time consuming. With Notebird you can run a report in seconds.

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Milestones Feed

Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, Passing of Loved Ones and other custom milestones show up in a rolling feed.

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And many more features...

  • Activity Feed
    See all care activity in real time
  • Care Reports
    Visualize care like never before
  • Milestones Feed
    Don't miss another important date
  • Advanced Search
    Find the information you need
  • Care Updates
    Store notes about care interactions
  • Tasks
    Follow up at just the right time
  • Groups
    Fine-grain, customized control
  • Early Bird Reports
    Get a snapshot of your day
  • On-The-Go
    Notebird on your mobile device


Bring your own people list!
We integrate directly with popular ChMS software platforms like Breeze, Planning Center, and Church Windows. We also offer a secure spreadsheet import process for your existing people list.

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😄 Our Happy Customers

Check out what people are saying about Notebird.

“I serve First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio, TX as their Associate Pastor for Congregational Care. I am in my 17th year and I confess that until I discovered Notebird, my organization skills were seriously lacking. Now we have a pastoral care team, we are simply organized, and we love Notebird!”

Rev. Scott Simpson
First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio

“We are a mid-sized church that recently moved to using Notebird and we love it. We have a visitation team of about six people who are making regular entries, tracking tasks, activities and pastoral care needs, and our responsiveness to pastoral needs has really improved since making the switch!”

De Ching
Olympia, Washington

“I’d get excited about keeping up with excel and logging everything and then after a week or two that would stop because it wasn’t easy. I use Notebird daily and love it!”

Todd Lovelace
Family Pastor // Skyline Church

“We used a dry-erase board to list out who was in the hospital. We then tried a staff group text to communicate about care (40-50 texts a day). After that didn’t work, we started a shared note on iPhone to manage care lists. When he announced Notebird to staff, people were saying "Sign-me up! Sign-me up!”

Patrice Williams
First Baptist Church // Carrollton, GA
Friendship ChurchBethesdaGrace Community ChurchTwo Pillars ChurchSkyline Church
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