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5 Hilarious Pastoral Care GIFs 😂

We know some days are a struggle – but these 5 Pastoral Care GIFs will bring a knowing smile to your face.

Pastoral care work is super rewarding, but some days can be a bit...challenging. If you've ever had one of these days, these pastoral care GIFs are going to hit you right in the funny bone.

You know it’s here SOMEWHERE. We have turned our offices upside down looking for sticky notes, manilla folders and notebooks. Sometimes, it’s just the closest piece of paper that gets written on. You can title this GIF I KNOW I left these notes right here on my desk!Look on the bright side – you reorganized your entire desk. 🙃

When using a shared spreadsheet for pastoral care, it’s only a matter of time before someone on the team accidentally deletes a row…or a column…or even an entire table. Thanks to the cloud, it’s more of a minor snafu these days. You can title this GIF the “Thank you, Restore From Backup button.” ↩️

It’s 3:30 pm on a Monday and you just can’t bring yourself to make those last few pastoral care calls. You’re probably procrastinating because you’re hyper-focused on some slightly less important task – such as making a sweet Hot Wheels track with a ramp into your coffee mug…Does I’ll call Joe back tomorrow sound familiar?

If you are a pastor, there’s a good chance you have officiated one, two or a few hundred weddings over the years. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to get a reminder each year to check-in with those couples? You can title this GIF “Why does this happen EVERY YEAR?!?!”

Heading to meet with a congregant and trying to recall details from your last conversation? Frantically looking through emails and texts to find relevant information and to see if anyone else on your team has talked with them? This cat knows. You can caption this GIF “Was that in my church email address, or my personal?” 🙀

Wishing there was a better way? Church leaders and their teams who switch to Notebird finally feel organized, prepared, and on the same page when it comes to pastoral care. With Notebird you can store conversation notes, assign follow-ups, and track life milestones all in one place.

Animated GIF of Chandler Bing from Friends jumping onto a table and celebrating.

Now, get back to work!

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