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4 Pastoral Care Follow-ups You Should Steal

Touch points are so important – read on to discover new ways to connect with your people.

Pastoral care is a way you and your team can form genuine connections with your congregation and support their spiritual and emotional journeys. And, successful teams know that it isn't only about being there for a moment of celebration or crisis – it's coming through in the weeks and months that follow that lets your people know you're truly invested in them and in their personal journey. In this piece, let’s walk through four kinds of thoughtful follow-ups that can take your pastoral care game to the next level.

Gratitude Call

Nothing beats a sincere "thank you" for someone who has pitched in with community work or lent a hand in times of need. A quick call to express gratitude not only makes folks feel seen but also sparks that joy that comes from being part of something bigger. Highlight how their efforts are touching lives and that you’re truly grateful for their generosity.

Prayer Request Follow-up

Prayer is a fundamental aspect of pastoral care. When someone entrusts you with a prayer request, circling back with them is a heartfelt reminder that they're not alone. Touch base to see how things are going and reaffirm your support. This kind of follow-up can really anchor your commitment to their spiritual journey.

Special Occasions

Life is full of milestones, and as a pastor, you have the privilege of celebrating these significant moments with your congregants. Whether it's a wedding, a graduation, or a job promotion, recognizing and following up on these special occasions is a beautiful way to show you care. Dropping a message or showing up to share in their happiness shows just how much the church community values them.


Then there are those family milestones — new babies, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, the passing of a loved one — that knit your congregation closer together. Sending a note or a wish on these special days lets people know their church family is right there celebrating with them. It’s a lovely way to bolster that feeling of belonging and shared joy.

Weaving these follow-up practices into your pastoral care can really deepen those connections within your church, fostering a stronger, more supportive sense of community. Remember, pastoral care is not just about saying the right words; it's about actively demonstrating your care and support, and showing up for all the moments that matter.

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